Last month I visited Barcelona with a friend, it is a very international city, one of the most importaIMG_0352nt cities of the Mediterranean Sea, and my favourite in Spain. The architecture of Gaudí envelops the city and makes it a magical place. It has many monuments, museums, places to see and parties to go to. During my trip to BCN I wanted to hear a bit of Catalan, but with the number of tourists I had heard everything, but little Catalan. On the 19th at 15:30 we arrived in Barcelona, ​​we left the suitcases in the rooms of the apartment which we had rented on Airbnb, which was very cheap for us, we paid €6 a day each and we were 5 minutes walking from the Sagrada Familia, which proves that it is possible to travel with little money :) Then, we had a coffee and a cake to rest a little in a very cool bakery in the Gràcia neighbourhood. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy! But even with such ugly weather this wonderful city did not lose its beauty

On Thursday, after resting and late arrival, we visited some important museums in Barcelona. Among them, Museu Picasso, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Museu d’Historia de Catalunya must be visited.


The second dIMG_0361ay you must get up early to take advantage of the city. The first place you should visit, of course, La Sagrada Familia. It is Gaudí’s masterwork it is undoubtedly known all over the world. From both behind and in front you can see the Gothic architecture. Although its exterior is glorious, the interior is very simple, and by all perspectives it is glamorous. The basic entry is € 15. Here are some interesting things about The Basilica of Sagrada Familia:

    • 600 workers still work on the basilica
    • 10,000 people can visit at the same time when it is finished.
    • The construction plan burned down during the civil war.
    • It is still built with the help of people.
    • Gaudí did not want the highest tower of the basilica which is 170 m, above the highest point in Barcelona which is 172 m.
    • In the basilica, there are no smooth walls.
    • The numbers he puts in the basilica when they are added vertically and horizontally are always 33.
    • They say that he was so crazy about this work that he died in a train accident when he went to see the basilica from afar.IMG_0391

After the Basilica of Sagrada Familia we carried on with Gaudí’s last work: La Casa Milà. This building that looks like the waves of the sea was built entirely with natural stones. From its terrace you can enjoy the view of Barcelona. Admission: € 16.50.

The other imIMG_0394portant work of Gaudí is Casa Battlò. Gaudí again uses his unique style. Through the windows it seems to me like a house of elves and with the colours that this building has, I simply love it. Not only on the outside but inside also has a very fantastic style. If you want to see inside of this strange work by Antoni Gaudi, the entrance fee is € 23.50.

The truth is that visiting for 4 days is not enough time to see all the things that are in Barcelona. Well, then we walked along the most famous street in Barcelona: La RaIMG_0397mbla. This is a very large street that goes to the promenade where Barceloneta beach is. La Rambla is a good place to buy gifts for your family and your friends because it is full of gift shops. Almost all the owners of these stores that I went into were foreigners. So, you can see the amount of immigration that Barcelona has. Walking along this street towards the sea you will find on the left a very large market called La Boqueria. Here you can buy different tropical fruits and other things from distant countries, chocolates, sweets and fish. It’s time to go home and rest! After walking 17 km, the next day you wake up more rested.

Today we visited Parque Güell and the entrance fee is € 7. This place that was built for the Güell family has at the entrance two similar houses and one with a small tower. The buildings of this park are formed of colours and mosaics. The stairs at the entrance go out to squares with the accompaniment of some columns. The square is really a huge balcony where you can see all of Barcelona and the sea and you can sit on the benches and take advantage of the view of Barcelona. If you go to this park in the summer, keep in mind that you must take some hats and water to protect yourself from the sun because you are going to spend a lot of time in this wonderful place.

Also, from another side of this balcony you will see a place of stones like a spider web. After spending more than two hours you will leaIMG_0526 (1)ve here satisfied, but you discover that you are starving. We ate fast so as not to waste time in a restaurant, we ate typical dishes such as Escalivada and Calcots. Then we continue again with the Rambla and go to the Barceloneta beach passing the statue of Colon.
I am sure that I will return to this city during the summer, I want to see this big beach full of people. With the wind, the sea seemed very wild and I do not know how many meters the waves went up. Near here, I recommend going to Parque Ciudadela which is a very nice place to relax and sunbathe. Returning home, I see El Font Pienc that was built by Felipe V for a military purpose. My 4 days trip is over, and I return home to prepare myself and my suitcase. As I said before, Barcelona is a very big and rich city. So, I could not do everything on one trip. In addition, there are always reasons to return to such a beautiful city! 😉

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