Today we are happy! Learning languages ​​and translating is a great skill that has been recognized worldwide for 25 years :) And I think it deserves it, because linking countries, people and cultures makes translating and interpreting an art of expressions, feelings … But the merit is not only the translators’, it is of each person who strives to learn languages ​​and to communicate in different languages, so if you are one of them I encourage you to continue improving your English or French or German or …!



Last month I visited Barcelona with a friend, it is a very international city, one of the most importaIMG_0352nt cities of the Mediterranean Sea, and my favourite in Spain. The architecture of Gaudí envelops the city and makes it a magical place. It has many monuments, museums, places to see and parties to go to. During my trip to BCN I wanted to hear a bit of Catalan, but with the number of tourists I had heard everything, but little Catalan. On the 19th at 15:30 we arrived in Barcelona, ​​we left the suitcases in the rooms of the apartment which we had rented on Airbnb, which was very cheap for us, we paid €6 a day each and we were 5 minutes walking from the Sagrada Familia, which proves that it is possible to travel with little money :) Then, we had a coffee and a cake to rest a little in a very cool bakery in the Gràcia neighbourhood. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy! But even with such ugly weather this wonderful city did not lose its beauty



Going on Erasmus was the best decision I have ever made

Two years ago I made the best decision ever, and it wasn’t really to Image-1go on Erasmus, but to go and live abroad. I am Turkish and back then I was 20 – the idea of going abroad attracted me but it also scared me… I didn’t know if I would pass all my classes in another country, I was frightened of feeling alone, of being far away from my family and friends. In short, at the beginning I could only see the downsides, but since at the same time it excited me immensely, I decided to go for it. :)



How is Christmas celebrated in other countries?

Christmas can be celebrated in many different ways, but we know that for everyone it has a similar meaning. :)

In Spain, the Christmas period starts on the 22nd of December with the traditional Lottery Draw. Two days after, on the 24th of December, Christmas Eve is celebrated with a family dinner. The following day, the 25th of December, Christmas officially starts. The typical food eaten on this day includes lamb, stuffed turkey and desserts such as polvorón (a type of shortbread biscuit) or turrón (a type of nougat). It’s a day spent with family and friends. And when the end of the year arrives, and the clock strikes midnight, it’s traditional to eat 12 grapes, one with every chiming of the clock.