What’s the first thing a foreigner does when they arrive in your city? The first thing they do is search online for somewhere to stay, somewhere to eat, and then they choose where to stay and where to eat based on reviews or prices, and finally they visit the website of the hotel or restaurant in question. What happens if the foreigner sees that your website isn’t translated into their language? They probably won’t understand a thing and would prefer to use a hotel or restaurant whose website is translated and is easy to understand.


Translating your website is an economic investment and is a necessary and wise move for any local business working in tourism. The cost of this translation can be around 100€, depending on website’s content. Request a quote without obligation here.


[:es]Diferencias culturales[:]

Cultural Differences Between Spain and England

Smith vs García

For a few days, I had been dithering around the subject of how to write about the cultural differences between Spaniards and Englishmen and women without falling into stereotypes. The punctuality of the English, tea, their expertise in drunkenness, the Queen, education, a fondness for queuing, carpets, cucumber sandwiches, and so on – things that inevitably come to mind when we’re talking about English culture. But I wanted to go deeper, to go beyond. And so when I saw the reflection of my boyfriend reading BBC news on his phone in the blank Word document that lay in front of me, a light bulb flashed in my mind. Here was the answer. Sometimes the solutions to our problems are right in front of our eyes.