Today we are happy! Learning languages ​​and translating is a great skill that has been recognized worldwide for 25 years :) And I think it deserves it, because linking countries, people and cultures makes translating and interpreting an art of expressions, feelings … But the merit is not only the translators’, it is of each person who strives to learn languages ​​and to communicate in different languages, so if you are one of them I encourage you to continue improving your English or French or German or …!

I think that those who can communicate in other languages ​​have an added value, since it strengthens their mind, facilitates trips abroad, and allows them to get to know more people and more cultures.

Well, I have not told you why today is a special day, it is International Translation Day, today 25 years ago marks the death of the world’s first translator, Jerónimo de Estridón, who translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin, amazing! In addition, he made a defence of his translation in his time, a document that is consideridiomas3ed as the first traductology treaty.

The celebration of this day was promoted by the International Federation of Translators (FIT), which in 1991 launched the idea of ​​the officially recognised International Day of Translation, to show the solidarity of the community of translators around the world and to promote the translator profession internationally.

So, whether you are a translator or if you love learning languages ​​like me, congratulations and do not stop learning! Today I will celebrate by watching a movie in another language or chatting with a foreign friend, ciao.

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