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Certified Translators for Translating Official Documents (+ info)

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  • Very happy, everything has been very quick and easy.
    Vanesa Barberá Ramo -Pinoso
  • Great quality of service. The attention received at each step has been much appreciated and the process was simple.
    Carlos Tuñón Moreno-ESOL Teacher at Training Connect
  • I already have my translations and the process was short and sweet, thanks to the efficiency, friendliness and speed of Abroads. All my issues were resolved with great speed and clarity. I won’t hesitate to recommend this service to my co-workers. Thanks for everything.
    Inés Cañellas-Palma de Mallorca
  • I have just received my QTS. This service truly is recommendable. They don't hesitate for a second to answer your questions and once your documents have been received they’re processed in an instant.”
    Alba Gracia
  • I now have my teacher reference number - it was really fast because it’s less than a week since the agency received the paperwork. I can’t believe it, all that’s left is to learn a little more about the English education system and a little more English and then I’ll be ready to start work professionally!! Good luck to all. I recommend this service!!
    Lau Mardel-Autonomous University of Madrid
  • The process has been very simple and easy, they responded immediately when I had any questions and were always ready to listen, and I got my QTS swiftly and without any problems. Perfect.
    Borja Lobato -Valladolid
  • A very efficient service with very friendly staff. The process of receiving my QTS has been swift and they always responded straight away to any queries I had. They will now send my CV to the job agencies that they work with in the UK. Thank you very much, I have already recommended you.
    Rita La Portera
  • I have just received my letter approving and confirming my application for a QTS. Abroads have been really helpful in saving me the trouble of looking for a licensed translator in the intensely busy city of London, paying the translation fees, blowing my brains out trying to get through the QTS application form. They took me through each step and responded to each and every one of my queries. I won’t hesitate for a second to recommend this service to whoever may need it.
    Marta García García-Supply Teacher at Protocol Education
  • Thank you so much to Abroads for their speed, efficiency and kindness. I hardly needed to do anything and after a little over a month, today I just received my QTS. I well and truly recommend this company for their professionalism and security, I will definitely recommend this service to everyone. Thank you very much for making things easier with no hidden surprises.
    Laura Fernández Ramos-Works at English Teacher
  • I’m very grateful for the service received, you can ask all of the questions you may have without a problem, they will always answer. It’s reliable and efficient and they keep you informed on how the process is coming along at all times. Thank you very much for your help and for the good service given. They made the process easy. In my case, it was for the QTS. I’d recommend them without a moment’s thought. Regards from the Canaries.
    Elena Rodriguez Vera-UNED – Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia