I would love to learn another language, but I’m just so lazy! I find night classes boring and when I try and study at home I find a thousand and one excuses to do something else instead…And so, the days pass, and months and years, and I end up having not learnt a single word. Anyway, since I had no idea how to properly learn another language, in the end I found the solution, and it’s super easy, and what’s more it’s the solution to everything: motivation! :)

Here’s a little tale that’s sure to motivate you:

One day, a tourist arrived in Spain and asked the common question, ‘Sorry, do you speak English?’, to which the Spaniards answered, ‘Sorry, no hablamos inglés’. The tourist tried again, ‘Sprechen Sie Deutsch?’, and the Spaniards, getting increasingly annoyed, answered ‘No señor’. The tourist gave one last effort with ‘Excusez-moi, vous parlez français?’, and the Spaniards answered no with a stiff shake of the head.

The Spaniards thought nothing of it, but later on, a youngster who did speak English helped the tourist out and showed him to his hotel. Soon, they became friends and a few years later, their company became Spain’s largest distributor.

I’m sure you can see the moral of the story, and so I’ll carry on with this post about how learning languages can affect your life:

       1)Get idiomas8your dream job

Being fluent in a second language has become a key factor in finding work. According to a study by La Fundación Universia, the most valued skill by employers when it comes to hiring (up to 96.4%) is fluency in English.

       2)Make the most of your travels

If you love travelling, you’ll know that with languages you can really make the most of your holiday. Furthermore, you can save a fortune, and this I tell you from experience…I was in Venice, enjoying a trip on a Gondola, thinking about what a wonderful holiday I was having, until when I got off the boat and the gondolier charged me “eighty” euros instead of the “eighteen” that I understood when I got on!

        3)   Increase your self-confidence

When you see that you’re capable of living in a foreign country on your own among strangers who have a different culture and language from yours, you feel completely self-sufficient and self-secure. It’s a challenge that shows that experimenting once in a while is worth it. Many, in fact, enjoy the pleasures of discovering themselves and of getting to know their own souls better. You will come to see that learning a language is much more than communicating, it’s creating a new ‘me’. :)

         4) Maintain a healthy mind for longer

There are also health benefits – learning languages delays Alzheimer’s. York University (Toronto) conducted a study with over 450 patients, half of which had spoken two languages for the majority of their life, while the other had only spoken one. The results were that those who had studied languages began to show symptoms of the disease 5 years later than those who had not.

        5)  New horizons – live, work and study abroad

Languages can help you make the most of the opportunities life gives you, and help you get to know the world! Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about living on a secluded, beautiful island surrounded by stunning sea? Or have you ever wanted to be accepted into a University in the UK? Learning a language can open these doors for you. When you’re there, maybe you’ll be lucky and find your ideal job or even your one true love.

       6) To be cooler

Have you ever met one of those people who speaks 5 languages? I sit there in awe of these people and think to myself how on earth have they managed 5 while I’m struggling with trying to improve my English…

And of course, there’s that moment when you’re sat there with your friends and a German girl walks by asking you the way to the hotel, and you answer in her own language. Yes. What a feeling!

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