How To Sell Products Abroad

Selling products and services online is a great way to reach new customers, and I’m not saying that it’s easy, but you do already know how business works in your country, so you’ve already done the hard part :) Here are some tips on how to do the same abroad…

1. Choose a country

Take your time in choosing a country because it could be the start of something good, or something terrible. You should do your market research beforehand in order to identify the country where your product will sell best. One idea is to put all the information you’ve found into a spreadsheet to make a comparison between countries in terms of competition, demand, etc.

2. Learn the ins-and-outs of business in your country of choice

You already know how business works in your own country, but things can be different abroad. So that nothing slips your mind, make a simulation and a study of the possible problems:

  • Prices: Your product or service could have a different price in other countries.
  • Providers: You may need new providers in a foreign country.
  • Regulations: Get to know the laws that will affect your product.
  • Banking: You may need to open a new bank account in the country.
  • Taxation: Consult your advisor to see if it would benefit you to open an office in the country in question, or if you should carry on operating from your current CIF/NIF.
  • Customer service: It may be necessary for you to have a member of staff who speaks the country’s language.
  • Logistics: Customs, messenger services, etc.

3. Opening an head-office abroad

The foreign public in question should have somewhere where they can go to buy your product or service. It’s essential that this office evokes confidence. If it is a physical office, customers should find staff from their own country working there, and if it is a virtual office, it should be translated perfectly into their language.

4. Advertising

Find out which are the most visited platforms in the country in question, and invest a limited amount where necessary. When it comes to advertising, getting your money’s worth is essential if you want to grow.

5. Sell

If you’ve managed to start selling your product or service abroad, congratulations! You have begun to internationalize your company. You must now try and make your company the best it can be, and I’m sure you already know how to do that :)

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