Having your website translated has 2 huge advantages: more people will read your content and it will be better positioned on Google. But these aren’t the only benefits…

1) Improve your brand

Being internationally well-known will give your company the image of an “established company”, because it’s details such as these that show readers that they are looking at the website of a serious and professional company. And of course, there’s no need to point out that the confidence of potential clients is essential to generate sales. 😉

2) Increase sales

Having your website in English will allow you to reach more people, which obviously means your sales will increase. 😀

You only need to know how to position yourself abroad, and if you prefer concentrating on the national public, it’s still worth it, as it will also increase your public outreach because the tourists who are in Spain will have also been able to access your website.

                                                                         ⇑ LANGUAGES = ⇑ CUSTOMERS

3) Reach more people

The internet has become our confidant, we turn to it whenever we need anything: “Hey Google, is there a hairdresser around here? How can I get to my friend’s house? How much would it cost for me to go to London?”.

What I mean by this is that we have to be online for all audiences, and that’s how all audiences will find us.

4) Improve your presence on Google and other search engines

If a client has heard your company name, the first thing they’ll do is go online in order to investigate and find out more information about you and your products. If the website gives a good impression there is no doubt that they’ll contact you!

5) Save money

Your satisfied customers will suggest your website to their friends and family, and so you will save a fortune in marketing costs, and with a good SEO positioning you will also save on advertising costs.

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