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Express training for interviews in Spanish

Speaking fluently in Spanish is difficult, but in an interview it can be truly horrible, because of your nerves you forget words, you get stuck… aagghhhhh! Well, the best thing is just to relax and take the bull by the horns, come on, we are going to shine! :)

Step 1. Loosen up your speaking

If you have not spoken Spanish for thousands of years you have to loosen up before the interview, you cannot arrive rusty, so come on, get rid of the listening and speaking cobwebs. You can even do this without leaving the house, and almost all of it is free

Step 2. Study grammar

Ok, you have already loosened up and you return to dabbling in Spanish like a real teenager, well now you have to brush up on grammar, it isn’t worth messing up the interview in every sentence you speak. You have to study formal expressions and vocabulary of the sector. I am a web surfer, so I recommend the following online websites:

Step 3. Practice the interview

This is like an exam, you cannot go in blank, you have to practice some possible question that they might ask you. Here I have given you some:

  • ¿Como te describirías?
  • ¿Cuáles son tus debilidades?
  • ¿Por qué dejaste tu último trabajo?
  • ¿Por qué quieres trabajar aquí?
  • ¿Cuándo podrías empezar?
  • ¿Cuánto te gustaría ganar?
  • ¿Tienes alguna duda o pregunta?
  • ¿Qué sabes sobre nuestra empresa?
  • Describe una semana laboral típica.
  • ¿Has tenido algún problema laboral recientemente? ¿Cómo lo solucionaste?
  • ¿Trabajas bien bajo de presión?

Step 4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

You already have an interview, now you should relax and have faith in yourself, don’t be afraid of making a fool of yourself, one of the most valued qualities for companies is self-confidence, so hide the insecurities and speak!

I hope I have helped, these are the tricks I used when I moved to Spain ?

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